Once Upon The Aire...

Storytelling Nights in Leeds, West Yorkshire

This website is no longer updated.

The storytelling club took place monthly from January 2008, until some time in mid-2012. Thanks to everyone who ever came along and listened to the tales - it was great fun while it lasted!

We're moving to the Grove Inn!

Good news - we have found a new venue! The Leeds Story Nights are moving to The Grove Inn on Thursday nights. It's a lovely little pub at the Holbeck end of town, tucked just behind Bridgewater Place (a.k.a. the Dalek).

We're really excited to be moving to the Grove Inn, because it's got a fantastic reputation for supporting live entertainment. There's something going on nearly every day of the week, with the Open Mind Acoustic Night on Wednesday evenings and the famous Folk at the Grove on Fridays, not to mention a whole load of regular gigs and jam sessions.

It's just a few minutes away from the Adelphi where we used to meet.

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