Once Upon The Aire...

Storytelling Nights in Leeds, West Yorkshire

This website is no longer updated.

The storytelling club took place monthly from January 2008, until some time in mid-2012. Thanks to everyone who ever came along and listened to the tales - it was great fun while it lasted!

Yo-Ho-Ho and A Bottle of Rum

Stories from the Floor

The sea has always been a source of mystery and adventure, treasure and doom. Ever giving, ever taking...

October's story theme is Pirates, Sailors and the Seven Seas. We'll hoist our sails with some wondrous tales of the heroes and villains who have journeyed across the oceans. From Sinbad to Drake, Odysseus to Ellen MacArthur, Captain Nemo, St Brendan, the Argonauts, Eirik the Red, Blackbeard, Kupe of Hawaii, Grace O'Malley... we'll raise a glass and toast the best and the worst of them.

Oh, and tentacles - let's not forget those.

As always, you can bring your own stories to tell or just come along and chill out in the breeze... Hope to see you there, me hearties!

Date and Time: 
Thursday, 6 October 2011 - 8:00pm
Entry Fee: