Once Upon The Aire...

Storytelling Nights in Leeds, West Yorkshire

This website is no longer updated.

The storytelling club took place monthly from January 2008, until some time in mid-2012. Thanks to everyone who ever came along and listened to the tales - it was great fun while it lasted!

What Women Want


A wise, witty, ironic look at the most important question ever asked and what happened to some of the many people who have tried to answer it. Storyteller Shonaleigh draws on five thousand years of eastern traditional wisdom and - by the look of it - all of twenty-one years of personal life experience to comment with characteristically incisive grace and vigour on the question everyone's been asking and explain exactly what happened to the totally awesome Pearl of Bahrain, and why. Essential listening for anyone who has ever attempted to communicate verbally with a member of the opposite sex, let alone share the world with the whole three billion of them.

Shonaleigh is a drut'syla, a storyteller in the Jewish tradition, with a repertoire of over three thousand stories. She has performed throughout the UK, from the Barbican in London to Peak District forests and beyond as well.

Date and Time: 
Thursday, 1 September 2011 - 8:00pm
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